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Find the Balance in Your Life (Conquer Your Mind, Body, and Soul to Become a Better Version of Yourself) is based on the real-life story of a boy born into a missionary family who never really cared about the blessings and privileges he had. Growing up, he was his parent's favorite child and always had their support. For Carlos, embracing fatherhood at the tender age of twenty came with the struggles of providing for his baby and wife. No matter the circumstances, he did not give up and got back on his feet by joining the Army, continuing to fight against all odds. The book conveys the struggles of a man who lost his path several times yet picked himself up every time. He managed to learn the lessons that life offered him and make something out of it. It's a tale of how despite having it all, you sometimes feel discontent and unsatisfied with your life, yet when you have nothing but inner peace, you end up achieving everything you have ever wished for.

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